Find Relief with a Bicep, Tricep and Elbow Surgeon in Hackensack

We tend to take our elbow, tricep and bicep for granted, until they don’t have the range of motion they used to. We tend to take them for granted until they are painful to move and it can interfere with day to day tasks, sleeping, and work activities. Talking to a bicep, tricep and elbow surgeon in Hackensack can help you to determine if you need to go that route for treatment.

The best surgeons in Hackensack that offer such services are only going to promote surgery if they feel that is the only option left. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to wear it in a sling first to give it time to heal without moving it. The next option is typically to pursue physical therapy. When those methods of treatment aren’t enough, the bicep, tricep elbow surgeon may talk to you about scheduling the procedure.

Underlying Issues

An elbow surgeon in Hackensack isn’t going to rush you to make a decision. They want you to be well informed about what they recommend and why. They will discuss the underlying issue with you, and share details with you from their reports and from testing. Many of the underlying issues with limited elbow mobility and pain to require a surgeon.

Methods of Treatment

Talk to the bicep, tricep and elbow surgeon in Hackensack about the methods they use for the procedure. They may not know the full extent of what needs to be repaired until they are inside. A small camera attached to a tube is often used to conduct this type of surgery. It allows it to be done with just a couple of small incisions and for the recovery time to be reduced.

Parts made from plastic or metal may have to be inserted and in the bone of the elbow, bicep or tricep and then removed at a later point. It depends on the type of severity of damage you have. Find out about the types of parts they use and why they are recommended. These parts will work just like your real body parts used to before the injury occurred.

What to Expect from a Surgeon

The bicep, tricep and elbow surgeon in Hackensack should talk to you about the procedure. It can take a few hours to complete it. You will be under anesthesia for the duration of the surgery, then moved into recovery for a few hours afterwards. Typically, patients are able to go home the same day as long as there aren’t any compilations. You may need to take medication for pain and to reduce the risk of an infection.

Recovery after Surgery

It can take several months for the elbow, tricep or bicep to completely recover from the surgery. Follow the instructions your elbow surgeon provides. You may need to immobilize it for a period of time. The next step is physical therapy where you will take part in exercises to strengthen the elbow and to improve your range of motion. Don’t skip those appointments and make sure you do the exercises at home between appointments.

Keep all follow up appointments with your elbow surgeon in Hackensack. Make sure you reach out to them if you experience severe pain or any signs of infection. Seeking medical treatment as soon as possible with such issues is very important.