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This is the site of yunga.org. We have taken over and created a news site to deliver all information about the Yunga forest in Peru! Yunga.org is now your news source for the Andes Mountains and collects data that is current and up to date from locals and outsiders. If the Andes Mountains have always been on your bucket list then you have come to the right place to plan your trip. Click here to read even more adventurous information about Yunga. By starting with Yunga.org this will allow you exclusive access to all news sources in Peru and surrounding areas. We don’t just only deliver you weather we dish on plant life and animals as well. When planning your hiking trip through the Andes, doing your research is always a great idea, before you go.

Yunga.org news site goes deeper into South America and allows travelers to upload and discuss their findings and experiences in a blog setting. With all the beauty in the world, Yunga.org, is working hard to bring everyone useful and reliable information. Upload unique trails and share photos of waterfalls. This news site has been in the making and our main focus is to show directly how climate change will affect these beautiful Andes Mountains over time. This narrow band of forest that spends through Peru, Argentina and Bolivia can be a trip of a lifetime. Use yunga.org as your go to when planning your trip. This news site comes in handy when searching for proper hiking trails and places to sleep.

Speak with others and see where they have camped out when they were on their journey through the Yungas. Yunga.org is all about the experience and the idea is the news site brings you every bit of information that you will need from us and others before you even enter the Andes Mountains. Our goal is for you to feel so comfortable after using yunga.org as your news site that when you arrive you feel as though you can travel with your eyes close! Okay, we don’t recommend that but either way, explore away!