Questions to Ask the Top Immigration Law Firms

Don’t randomly select just any top immigration law firms to help you. Find out who is out there, the reputation they have with such work, and how much it will cost for the legal team to assist you. Gathering facts can help you feel in very good hands when you are ready to start that visa application process. Don’t be shy when it comes to comparing immigration attorneys. Take advantage of a no obligation consultation and ask them plenty of questions.

How Long has the Deportation Law Firm Been in Business?

The top immigration law firm will have a seasoned practice, one that has proven that they can meet their client’s needs. They wouldn’t be able to continue offering such services if they failed to deliver. However, there is a difference among such offices and how you are treated. You need to find out what other clients have to say about their overall experience. You want a friendly provider, one with plenty of knowledge, and they should get back to you in a timely fashion.

Has the Green Card Lawyer Worked on Similar Cases?

Never assume the attorney has experience with immigration laws. Confirm what credentials they have in that specific area of the law. Ask about the number of cases they have handled similar to yours. You want to know they have what it takes to help you. If you have a complex case, one that won’t be typical by any means, you need to find the very best visa application attorney to help you work through it.

What Size is the Top Immigration Law Firm?

With a larger deportation law firm there can be cases assigned to more individuals. This helps to reduce overall caseload. However, you do need to find out if the specific individual that will be working on your case has the right experience. They should match you up based on your needs, not just randomly to keep caseloads even.

If you don’t speak much English, you need to find a law firm with experts that speak Russian. This may not be your immigration attorney, but it may be an interpreter that sits in on all meetings to help break down that language barrier. Find out if such services will be offered if you are going to need them.

What is the Cost and when do I need to Pay? 

Typically, there is no cost to consult with the top immigration law firm. This is a free, short meeting to find out what they can offer and decide if you would like to hire them. Find out how much their fees are. They may charge you a flat fee for the work or they may charge you by the hour. They should explain what the fee structure will be. You may need to pay part or all of the cost upfront for them to handle your needs. The balance can be paid once the work is done. You will be required to pay them, regardless of the outcome of your visa application.

What is the Process Involved?

If you decide to hire a certain immigration lawyer  to know what the process will entire. When will they schedule an appointment for you to come in and complete the application? They should be able to get you in soon. If you will have to wait weeks to work with them due to the volume of work they have, that is time lost to you and not in your best interest. They should share with you what documents to bring and how long to expect the application to take to complete.

Once the application is completed with their help and the appropriate documents are copied to send, it can be mailed on your behalf. Then you will need to wait and see if it is approved. If so, you can use those documents to help you get a job and for other needs you may have in the country. If it is denied, take that information back to your attorney so they can walk you through the steps involved in the appeal process.