What to Expect when you see a Chiropractor in Woodbridge

Going to the chiropractor in Woodbridge on a regular basis can be a great way to feel good and keep your body in proper alignment. You may not realize how much it is out of place until they do some work on you! Finding an excellent provider to work with is essential as not all of them have the same training or methods in Woodbridge.

If you have any questions at all about the procedures being conducted or the reason for them, ask your chiropractor. They should be able to share with you why they choose certain techniques for your treatment plan. If something doesn’t seem to work well though, they may decide to change that treatment plan down the road. Be patient and give the various techniques time to work for your needs.

Do your Homework on Wellness Centers

Spend some time gathering referrals so you can connect with a great chiropractor in Woodbridge. Verify they are licenses and find out what other patients have to say about them. Next, set up a consultation so you can see the office and talk to them. You need to feel very relaxed and able to talk to them about your needs and about your care.

If you have insurance, you also need to find out if they cover wellness care. Many of them do but you may have a network of providers you can pick from. If you pick outside of that network you will have to pay out of your own pocket for the cost. If you don’t have insurance you need to find a provider with pricing you can afford. The cost can vary from one location to the next.


During your first few appointments, plan to answer lots of questions. Opt for massage therapy or physical therapy before doing something crazy like acupuncture. The chiropractor in Woodbridge is trying to find out the best way to treat you. If you have chronic pain, share with them the locations and how long you have had the pain and if maybe acupuncture would work for you condition. They will also ask you why you are coming in to see them. Based on that information, they may ask you to come in for follow up appointments at regular intervals. The duration of time between appointments will depend on the needs they have identified.


Some acupuncturist will ask you to consent to them obtaining an x-ray of your spine. This will help them to see if it is out of alignment and determine next step procedures. Others will get to work adjusting your body at the wellness center in Woodbridge. They are going to push, pull, and twist in various areas of your body. Some people worry it is going to hurt, but that isn’t the case. If you do feel pain during treatment make sure you let them know immediately.

During these adjustments, you may hear grinding and cracking. This is due to the various body parts being put back where they should be. The sound can be bothersome to some individuals but that goes away after the first few sessions. If it continues to be bothersome ask if you can wear headphones and listen to music during the procedure.


Most people feel immediate relief in various areas of the body before they even leave the chiropractor’s office. This is due to unnecessary pressure being eliminated from certain points in the body. You may begin to notice some changes internally too though over time. For example, you may have fewer problems with digestion than before. If you need a great deal of care, they will limit what they do per session. They will discuss with you the targeted areas for that appointment. As you attend future appointments, the amount of work you need each time should be lessened.